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Where the value of music is created and exchanged among all participants — companies, artists and fans.

describes the Mutually beneficial relationships between artists and their fan base. paragraph

Mutually beneficial relationships between artists and their fan base.

describes the Direct earning power over musical content through shared ownership. paragraph

Direct earning power over musical content through shared ownership.

describes the Unparalleled fan experience in digital and live formats. paragraph

Unparalleled fan experience in digital and live formats.

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Fans Support Artists /
Artists Support Fans

The entertainment industry is transforming with new platforms and social media, and the music industry is evolving.

What Fans Want

Today's fans really want closer, more authentic connections with artists, and they want to engage directly through digital events, Q&A sessions, collaborations, and exclusive content. And forward-thinking artists are smart to respond to this demand.

VNYL for Fans

What Artists Crave

Traditionally, labels dominated the music industry, but VNYL's direct-to-creator platform, powered by blockchain technology, allows fans to support artists without intermediaries. Artists can monetize the "backstage experience" and involve fans in content creation and ownership.

VNYL for Artists
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Go behind the scenes with
your favorite artist

For the first time ever, see your favorite creators full creative process, in real time. Engage with them through a journey as they explain their methods, step by step. These are the best teachers in the world, as millions on the Internet know.

John Loeffler

I have seen hundreds of NFT pitches for artists;
They just felt grimy.

VNYLab is the first presentation that proposes benefits for every player in the transaction

John Loeffler

Co-Founder of Wonda Music, Former* SVP, Repertoire BMG Records New York; VNYLab Board Member

Unleash Creativity, Collaboration, and Connection

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Become Part of the Creative Journey

You get to go 'backstage' in every sense. Now, you can interact with your favorite artists and support them directly. No intermediaries. With VNYLab, you can participate in the creative process, give input to emerging musicians, and access members-only events.

  • Collaborate in creative new ways.

  • Access Behind-the-scenes Content.

  • Own your input and earn.

  • Receive a limited run Vinyl of your collectively produced work.


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Lead Your Fan Engagement & Your Career

To satisfy fans' demand for unique experiences, music companies need to listen, engage, and innovate. The VNYLab platform empowers artists to monetize their fan base, build rewarding relationships with followers, and attract new fans. Artists can use VNYLab to launch campaigns, offer collaborative digital experiences, and explore new revenue opportunities in the music industry.

  • Use collaboration funds to advance your career.

  • Build community engagement like never before.

  • Access your biggest fans input and talent.

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All members of the Green Room will get a first mover advantage on any and every artist collaboration and once in a life time AMAs and insights.


The VNYLab Green Room Drop

Join the Sonauris.

The Minds Behind VNYLab

Empowering Artists & Fans through Vinyl and Web3 Crypto. Revolutionize Music. Join Us!

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The Team

Nikki Fernandez

Nikki Fernandez

Co-Founder and Chief Energy Officer

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Jon Zeit

Jon Zeit

Co-Founder and President

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Wes Mason

Wes Mason

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Jason Ayala

Jason Ayala

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

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Joe Roselli

Joe Roselli

Lead Blockchain Developer

Kevin Steele

Kevin Steele

Community and Quality

Jim DeLorenzo

Jim DeLorenzo

Public and Media Relations

The Advisors

John Loeffler

John Loeffler

Former EVP of Repertoire BMG New York, Founder of Fieldhouse Music, Co-Founder of Wonda Music

Jerry Wonda Duplessis

Jerry Wonda Duplessis

Member of The Fugees, Grammy Award-winning Producer, Founder of Wonda Music

Keith Shocklee

Keith Shocklee

Founding Member of Public Enemy, Founder of Spectrum City, Founder of The Bomb Squad



Creative Director @ VaynerX

Peter Rafelson

Peter Rafelson

Founder @ Rafelson Media and Digiramp

Brett Nemeroff

Brett Nemeroff

VP of Creative Development & Acquisitions @ Rolling Pictures

Charles Griffith

Charles Griffith

Former Tech VP Amazon, Founder & CTO of MileZero, Former CTO Quiet Platforms

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