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About VNYLab

Welcome to VNYLab, where fan engagement and music creation are revolutionized in the digital space.

We are here to bridge the gap between artists and their fans, offering a platform that fosters collaboration and unlocks unique earning opportunities, all while respecting the complex regulatory frameworks of the music industry.

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What is VNYLab

Fans are evolving as technology evolves and they want a deeper connection.

Imagine a world where artists and fans are connected on a deeper level, shaping the creative process together and sharing in the success. A world where artists can leverage not only the capital but the collective human intelligence of their most dedicated fans.

At VNYLabs, we are making this a reality. Our platform, born from a mix of music passion and regulatory foresight, empowers artists to create unique digital experiences, engaging fans, and giving them ownership in the music they help to shape.

Welcome to VNYLab, where music knows no boundaries.

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VNYLab Roadmap

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2020 – 2022 (Q2)

VNYLab Planning and Building Infrastructure

Q3 2022

VNYLab, INC begins formally

Q1 2023

Partnership with Wonda Music Signed

Q2 2023

Initial Fundraising Began

Q3 2023

Smart Contract Development and Product Specifications developed

Q4 2023

Launch of the Green Room. This NFT acts as an all-access pass to VNYL collaborations in the future

Q1 2024

First Collaboration with Wonda World Music Announcements

Q3 2024

VNYL platform launch